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What Drives Us

At HealthEx, it is our belief that the same standards of quality that apply to the healthcare community should extend to those providing transportation services. Patient care that is administered and maintained by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pathologists, and countless other skilled professionals should not rely on delivery services that are performed by just anyone. Just as there are required levels of education for all other healthcare workers, HealthEx provides the training and equipment to our drivers that enables reliable service to be combined with the quality that comes from knowledge and experience.

We understand that the healthcare industry is one of service and that our job is to provide transportation services to that service industry. This puts an even greater responsibility on our shoulders. We know what it takes to provide exceptional service. We also know that our customers are promising the highest level of performance to their patients and are counting on HealthEx to keep those promises. We not only accept this challenge, but it is our constant motivation to exceed the expectations that are placed upon us.

At HealthEx, we know that healthcare is not a 9 to 5 job. We also understand that there are no set boundaries to when and where help is needed. For that reason, we are always open to conforming our services to the needs of our customers. Because there are no limits placed on patient care, we place no limits on our availability. It is our hope that our willingness to be flexible will not only allow our customers to provide a service that is custom tailored to their needs, but may also provide a valuable edge in an industry that has become increasingly competitive.

Healthcare is a challenging field. The standards are high, and the responsibilities are great. Although our daily commitments require us to constantly perform, and the demand upon us is always time-critical, our main focus at HealthEx is always attention to detail. We are never too busy to treat each customer, each caller, and each delivery with the same bedside manner that every patient deserves. It is that level of service that makes this industry great, and we are proud to do our part to uphold these standards.


Our approach to service is simple: we will get your deliveries completed according to your needs, and according to the needs of your doctors or patients.

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