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Specimen Transport

We know that a price cannot be put on a human specimen. As such, our drivers and dispatchers are trained how to handle such invaluable cargo. We are equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure that specimen integrity is maintained throughout the delivery process. Our drivers are trained in the importance of temperature control, proper storage for transport, security, and confidentiality. Drivers are also equipped with approved bloodborne pathogen spill kits according to OSHA’s standards. Our dispatch staff undergoes periodic laboratory sponsored training for the proper packaging and shipment of specimens as well.

From a customer service point of view, we know that your customers are perhaps the most demanding demographic that exists. Your doctors treat patients during different hours and in different locations every day of the week. We know that they require service to match their needs, regardless of the request. Over the last ten years, HealthEx has built its business and reputation on satisfying these requests.

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Our approach to service is simple: we will get your deliveries completed according to your needs, and according to the needs of your doctors or patients.

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