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Driver Selection and Qualifications

We understand that in many cases, the only face-to-face contact that your patients or clients have with you is through interaction with your drivers. You deserve the most professional representation possible at those meetings. HealthEx will only contract couriers who have been trained to handle and transport medication and biological materials. The training must meet or exceed OSHA, HAZMAT, and HIPAA standards for the healthcare industry. We’ve made the investments needed to consistently provide a high level of professional service.

Driver Selection

All prospective drivers go through a screening process that includes a department of motor vehicles report, a social security verification, and a criminal background check. As a condition of contracting with HealthEx, drivers also agree to participate in random drug testing. In addition, although it may seem obvious and very simplistic, we try to find NICE people to make your deliveries. The value of training or experience can be lost if the individual does not come across as kind to your clients. We have not forgotten the importance of a smile and a good attitude in our effort to provide you with the best possible drivers for your deliveries.

Driver Qualifications


The United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Department of Health & Human Services Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have set up specific guidelines and standards for the handling of biological materials. Our drivers are qualified to uphold these standards both to ensure the proper handling and integrity of your specimens, medication, or equipment as well as for their own personal safety. This experience, as well as our use of equipment that meets OSHA’s standards combine to provide our customers with reliable, OSHA compliant transportation.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has had an enormous impact on the healthcare community. Patient confidentiality is a major concern to each and every one of our customers. As such, all patient information is handled with strict confidence and security in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.



Whether we are walking into a medical facility, picking up a specimen, or arriving at a patient’s door, identification is critical. All HealthEx couriers are in uniform and wearing a photo Identification badge as dictated by your specific needs. Not only is this protocol mandatory at many facilities and practices, but it gives peace of mind to all patients, administrators, and medical staff that we encounter every day.

Climate Control

When it comes to medical transport, temperature control is often a factor. Whether the concern is keeping a specimen frozen or keeping medication refrigerated, HealthEx has the equipment to maintain the integrity of your deliveries.


Our approach to service is simple: we will get your deliveries completed according to your needs, and according to the needs of your doctors or patients.

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